Standard Polystyrene Kit PStQuick

The preparation of a standard material for creating a calibration curve can be time-consuming due to the necessity of selecting a standard with a molecular mass appropriate for the column grade. PStQuick is a kit of samples which consists of the most suitable TSKgel Standard Polystyrenes for various column grades. Addition of solvent is all that is required for easy preparation and analysis.


  • PStQuick is a set of molecular mass standards for creating SEC calibration curves. Tosoh standard polystyrenes are mixed and dried in vials for auto sampler.
  • The most suitable PStQuick for a particular column grade (molecular mass fraction range) can be selected.
  • A standard sample solution can easily be prepared by adding solvent to a vial. There is no need to measure out the material.
  • After dissolution of the sample in the solvent, the vial can be set to the auto sampler.
  • Either a septum or an aluminum sheet can be used as a cap for the vial.

Chromatograms obtained using the PStQuickMP Series

Calibration curves obtained using the PStQuickMP Series


 Septum  Alminum Sheet  Description  Contents  Packaging type  Remarks
 0021917  0021894  PStQuick Kit-H  PStQuick A, B, C  60 Vials (20 of each type × 3)  For H Type-H Grade (GMHXL)
 0021916  0021895  PStQuick Kit-M  PStQuick C, D  40 Vials (20 of each type × 2)  For H Type-M Grade
 0021915  0021896  PStQuick Kit-L  PStQuick E, F  40 Vials (20 of each type × 2)  For H Type-N Grade
 0021914  0021897  PStQuickMP-H  F-550, F-80, F-10, F-1, A-1000  60 Vials  For SuperMultiporeHZ-H
 0021913  0021898  PStQuickMP-M  F-80, F-10, A-5000, A-500
 60 Vials  For SuperMultiporeHZ-M
 0021912  0021899  PStQuickMP-N  F-4, A-5000, A-500
 60 Vials  For SuperMultiporeHZ-N
 0021911  0021900  PStQuick A  F-850, F-128, F-20, F-2, A-2500  20 Vials  
 0021910  0021901  PStQuick B
 F-550, F-80, F-10, F-1, A-1000  20 Vials  
 0021909  0021902  PStQuick C
 F-288, F-40, F-4, A-5000, A-500  20 Vials  
 0021908  0021903  PStQuick D
 F-128, F-20, F-2, A-2500  20 Vials  
 0021907  0021904  PStQuick E
 F-40, F-4, A-5000, A-1000  20 Vials  
 0021906  0021905  PStQuick F
 F-20, F-2, A-2500, A-500
 20 Vials