TSKgel SuperAW column

TSKgel SuperAW Columns for the Semi-Micro Analysis of Polar Organic-Soluble Polymers

TSKgel SuperAW columns are composed of spherical, hydrophilic methacrylate beads. Figure 1 shows the calibration curves of all TSKgel SuperAW columns. 

TSKgel SuperAW columns are used for high efficiency and high speed analysis of polymers that are soluble in polar organic solvents. Examples include cleansing gel in methanol, degree of saponification of polyvinylalcohol in HFIP, and sodium dodecylsulfate, polyimide, and cellulose derivatives in DMF with 10mmol/L LiBr.

Figure 1: Polyethylene Oxide (PEO), Polyethylene Glycol (PEG,) and Ethylene Glycol (EG) 
Calibration Curves for TSKgel SuperAW Series Columns


Unlike TSKgel PW/PWxl-type columns, which are stable up to 50% organic mixed with water, TSKgel SuperAW and Alpha-type columns are stable in a wide variety of organic solvents at concentrations up to 100%. As shown in Figure 2, efficiency of all TSKgel SuperAW-type columns is maintained when changing solvents from water via acetonitrile, DMF, DMSO, THF to HFIP.

Figure 2: Solvent Compatibility of TSKgel SuperAW Series

Mixed-bed TSKgel SuperAW Column

The mixed-bed column, TSKgel SuperAWM-H, has an extended linear calibration range, and is suitable for samples with a broad MW distribution as well as samples with unknown molecular weight.