Process Development Tools

Process Development Tools

Developing a purification process for a biologic target molecule is a complex task of balancing product purity with process robustness while minimizing the number of unit operations. Future process and scale up requirements should be considered right from the start of method development. Resin screening and selection is the first step in DSP development of chromatographic unit operations. Due to the diversity in available ligand chemistries and base matrices offered by different vendors it is recommended to screen a certain number of resins to select the most suited resin for a given target molecule. Today robotic systems allow the high throughput screening of a broad range of resins and a faster method development.

Tosoh Bioscience offers a wide variety of screening tools for TOYOPEARL and TSKgel process media. They include 96-well plate kits and RoboColumns for high throughput process development, 1 or 5mL pre-packed cartridges and 5mL MiniChrom columns, larger pre-packed Opus columns for scale up or validation purposes, and bulk media volumes <1L.

ToyoScreen Process Development Columns are easy-to-use, prepacked columns in cartridge format containing our most popular TOYOPEARL and TOYOPEARL GigaCap resins. They provide a convenient, low-cost alternative for the evaluation of TOYOPEARL ligand chemistries to our traditional LabPaks. 

Beyond initial resin screening, ToyoScreen columns can also be used to quickly establish optimum chromatographic conditions or to purify small amounts of the target molecule for further R&D experiments.

MiniChrom 5 mL columns (8 mm ID × 10 cm) are delivered ready to use, pre-packed by Atoll GmbH with a broad range of TSKgel and TOYOPEARL media. They are designed for processed development, method optimization, and parameter screening, as well as sample preparation.

RoboColumns are prepacked with our popular TOYOPEARL resins by Atoll GmbH and are designed to operate with a robotic liquid handling system. This approach allows automated high throughput parallel screening of resins and parameters. This differenciates the RoboColumns from other high throughput tools. Liquid flow is driven by positive pressure liquid displacement mimicking the situation in columns individually connected to a conventional chromatography system.