TOYOPEARL Phenyl-600


TOYOPEARL Phenyl-600 resin has the median hydrophobicity of the five HIC ligands offered by Tosoh Bioscience. Its pore size has been optimized for the purification of monoclonal antibodies and it is typically used in an intermediate or polishing step.

TOYOPEARL Phenyl-600 resin is a very high recovery and high dynamic capacity product for both large and small proteins. When used in a polishing step, an extra 5% yield may be seen when compared to other Phenyl resins.

To see other products optimized for HIC purification of mAbs please see TOYOPEARL PPG-600 and TOYOPEARL Butyl-600 resins.


Ether < PPG < Phenyl < Butyl < Hexyl

Comparison of TOYOPEARL 600M Series HIC Resins

 IgG Breakthrough Curves

Lysozyme Breakthrough Curves

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