TOYOPEARL Q-600C AR resin is a strong anion exchanger designed to be more alkaline resistant (AR) than TOYOPEARL QAE-550C resin. It has a slightly larger pore diameter than TOYOPEARL QAE-550C resin, but its ligand attachment chemistry creates significantly more dynamic binding capacity (up to 3X higher) than TOYOPEARL QAE-550C resin. (see comparative data) It tolerates caustic cleaning solutions up to 1.0 mol/L NaOH well with essentially no change in DBC.

The elution kinetics for this resin are good and it is slightly more retentive than TOYOPEARL QAE-550C resin.


Alkaline Durability on Dynamic Binding Capacity with 1.0 mol/L NaOH


Elution Kinetics

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