TOYOPEARL GigaCap S-650M resin is a high capacity cation exchange resin optimized for the capture and purification of both small and large proteins, including monoclonal antibodies.  TOYOPEARL GigaCap S-650M resin is composed of a base material of hydroxylated methacrylic polymer beads that have been chemically modified to provide a higher number of cationic binding sites and functionalized with sulfopropyl (S) strong cation exchange groups. TOYOPEARL GigaCap-650M has a 100 nm pore size and a 75 µm particle size and can be used for high throughput capture, intermediate purification, and polishing process steps.

TOYOPEARL GigaCap S-650M exhibits typical dynamic binding capacities greater than 150 g/L for human IgG, maintains high capacity at increased linear velocities, has good pressure-flow characteristics, and will withstand back pressures up to 0.3 MPa.  

TOYOPEARL GigaCap S-650M resin has excellent binding and elution kinetics, which results in a more concentrated protein fraction collected during the elution step.


Dynamic Binding Capacity at Various Linear Velocities


High DBC at high Linear Velocities



Pressure-Flow Curves


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